About PinkLime

Why Pink Lime?


Because nothing in this world is black & white.


Lime is associated with ‘freshness’ and we want to take this opportunity to present a brand new image of AUT print room.


We want to differentiate ourselves from what people usually perceived as a typical campus print room and what better way to do it than using bright and attractive colors and a quirky name?

PinkLime is an innovative print and design studio with a focus on colourful creative, fantastic execution and fast print output.


We take a fresh approach to design and print services, tackling each project with zest, imagination and more than a splash of colour.


Based at several locations across AUT’s campuses, we work with staff and students to bring their exceptional print and design projects to life.


Our people are clever, capable and inventive – ready to give your assignment, project or campaign a new perspective and appeal.


Stand out from the crowd! Whether you need to design a website or bind a book, we’ll give your thoughts and ideas the fresh twist you always imagined.


Why PinkLime?


Because nothing in this world is black and white.


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